We are an audiovisual production house with more than twelve years of experience in the market. We are dedicated to producing quality audiovisual content with universal values. Unique marketable stories conceived under an authorial vision.


Never Landing Pictures SAPI is a distributor of Mexican independent content. The purpose of its creation is to show through the content distribution, cinematographic proposals and video-art of our Mexican and Latin American artists. Our interest is commercial cinema with authorial vision, video art and audiovisual installations.


Sumo Studio is a full-service company in the production of Virtual Reality and 360 content. It has operations in Mexico and the U.S.A. We have more than nine years of experience in creating, producing, exhibiting and distributing 360 videos and Virtual Reality experiences internationally.

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Equipment rental house aimed to promote the creation of films, 360 videos and virtual reality.


A multidisciplinary production space from creators for creators. We have an equipped stage and audio booths for the creation of podcasts, dubbing and the production of sound formats.


Cultural project aimed at the education and training of young people with the interest of developing a career in the audiovisual industry. Horizontes disseminate specialized and professional knowledge through workshops, exhibitions and lectures given by prominent members of the industry, with the purpose of provide solid foundations for future generations of the national film industry.


YouTube channel that aims to entertain the audience through comedy, music and other genres on short format.


It is a company led by Ivar Gundersen, an expert in script development and evaluation of executive film projects. PROPULSION aims to analyze from the script of a project to its executive production stage, giving certainty to the producers that a project is solid for its execution.