About Us

Founded by producer and director Alejandro Sugich L.A, Sula Entertainment (SE) is a holding with the aim of unifying its companies dedicated to the entertainment industry. Under the same label, film and audiovisual content is developed, financed, produced, post-produced and distributed.

SE is confomed by the film and TV production company Sula Films (2009), the film and new media distributor Neverlanding Pictures (2014), and the virtual reality, 360 and new media production company, Sumo Studio (2014). Since its conception, Sula Entertainment has had as a driving force and business model to tell stories with an authorial vision that are marketable at a global level.

Thereby, it has supported the productions of directors with consolidated careers such as Amat Escalante, Gabriel Retes (✟) and Alejandro Sugich. It has also champion talented emerging directors such as Gilberto González Penilla (Los Hamsters), Jimena Montemayor  (En la Sangre), Santiago Alvarado (Menéndez, el Día del Señor),  Jorge Carvajal and Francisco de la Reguera (Los Hermanos Salvador).